CAREER ROCKET presented to the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science

Sofia, December 21, 2017

CAREER ROCKET has been officially presented to an expert audience in the Ministry of Education and Science (MES) in Sofia. The Ministry supported the project application since the very beginning of the process together with the Department for qualification of Teachers of Sofia University.

The national project team from GERT and GPF presented the project concept and activities as well as the first outcomes and results of its implementation.

During the first preparatory year an entry poll has been run among students and teachers throughout the country to identify the attitudes and perceptions of both groups to gender equality and specifically to gender differences in career opportunities and professional choices. The entry poll identified the main points of agreement and divergence concerning the issues of gender equality in decision making, career choices and participation in family care work.

One of the main activities of the project is the curriculum analysis aimed at identifying the entry points for talking about gender equality in each subject matter of secondary school curricula. This analysis has been performed by a group of experts from the Department for qualification of teachers in Sofia and the result is a draft guide book for each subject matter. Professors and teachers from the expert group presented the process of compiling the different parts of the guide book. All participants shared their inspiration of the research work necessary for the development of the guides. At present the guides are being tested in the secondary school Elisaveta Bagriana in Sofia, one of the very few schools with a female name.

Some inspiring examples of lessons have been shown – presentations of students developed for the lessons of mathematics such as “Equality and inequality in mathematics and in real life” and “The first woman-mathematician in ancient China”. The team underlined that science is full of female names that need to be highlighted in order to further provoke the interest of teenagers both girls and boys to science.

The project team shared with the audience the plans for 2018, namely the upcoming trainings for school directors, career consultants, teachers and students. The role of the Ministry as supporter has been clearly identified. The MES is launching the call for participation for school directors in the first trainings foreseen for January and February 2018 together with the invitation for the 5th competition for the label “School without violence and gender based stereotypes” , which in 2018 will have a focus on gender equality in career choices.