4th PARNERSHIP MEETING on Career Rocket






3rd Partners meeting

Athens, 17-19 June 2018

The third partners’ meeting took place in Athens, just before the end of the school year 2017/2018.

Career Rocket teams met in the premises of the Greek partner Four Elements to discuss the achievements, issues, success and future tasks and events within the project. The meeting marked the logical end of the first half of the project and traced the milestones to its end.

The trainings of different target groups – the experiences and time tables have been shared, as well as the drafts for the toolkits and printed materials for the students.

The content and the participants in the final conference in Zagreb have been discussed in details as well as financial issues and budgets. The conference will be organized in May 2019 and will gather representatives of all stakeholders from the four countries.

Besides the hospitality of 4 Elements the partners enjoyed meeting the ancient world and the white stones of Athens and the good meal and touristic charm of Greece.





2nd Partners meeting

Bucharest, 27-29 September 2017

The second partners’ meeting took place in the sunny Bucharest, right after the start of the new school year, which is expected to become the arena of many interesting events within the Career Rocket project in all four countries.





The teams shared the progress and the results of the entry poll performed among teachers and students.





The results of the entry polls were discussed around the presentation of Katerina Kostakou from the Greek team. In all 4 countries students and teachers have found that the issues of gender equality was of paramount importance (around 80% of all responses) where  in all 4 countries girls stating this were more than boys.




In the same time students overwhelmingly stated that nationally there was no real gender equality.

Stanimira Hadjimitova from GPF (Bulgaria) offered a comprehensive presentation on main topics and methodology of gender equality training which will serve as a basis for the upcoming gender trainings of teachers, school directors and career consultants.





The partners shared their achievements and concerns:

-AUR has signed an agreement with 6 schools to participate actively in the testing procedure and the entire project;
-GTF  shared the experience of a fruitful cooperation with teachers researching the mainstream curricula for the purpose of introducing the entry points of gender equality;
– 4 Elements has surprised all the partners with a massive participation of teachers in the online entry poll;
-GPF is advancing with the video on the project;
-GERT succeeded to compile the modules on all subject matters during the summer, which are ready to be tested.






The next project meeting was discussed and specific decisions have been taken in terms of planning, deadlines and reporting.





The next meeting will be held in Athens in June 2018 and will be hosted by 4 Elements.



1st Partners’ meeting

Sofia,  January 19, 2017

GERT started the Career Rocket project with the first partners meeting in January in Sofia. The five teams will work together for the next 30 months. There is a commitment to succeed and this is a unique opportunity to realize a dream that the NGOs share since years:  contribute for a fair society where girls and boys will have equal opportunities and better chances for professional development in a competitive environment.

We are all women, committed to work for the better future of adolescents.