The leading partner is GERT.

GERT is a NGO, registered and acting in public interest. Since its establishment in 2004, GERT has been implementing activities oriented to counter gender discrimination and contribute to the achievement of gender equality, social and gender justice and equality in all spheres of life including the access to and the benefits from new technologies. During the last years GERT implemented several projects for enhancing the school environment, including the project “School without violence and gender-based stereotypes” whose main goals were to transform the school environment into a safer place for kids where violence and gender-based abuse are minimized and the stereotyped attitudes to the other gender are transformed into constructive cooperation.

GPF is an advocacy group for promotion of gender equality in all spheres of the private and social life in Bulgaria and globally with 21 years of experience. Among GPF main activities was the program Gender Education run in 20 schools; in 2009-2012 GPF worked on a 3-year project Getting to Know! Pilot Introduction of Development Education in the Formal Education System in Bulgaria with five partners from the county.Both GERT and GPF are among the founders of the Bulgarian Platform on International Development (BPID).

4ELEMENTS is a Non-Profit NGO based in Athens and Thessaloniki. It is an innovative Greek organization focusing on issues pertaining to Social inclusion, Gender equality, Employability, Education and capacity building. The social and humanitarian values that underpin the organization and form the foundation of its overall mission and strategy are incorporated into the work carried out in each area of activity. 4 Elements values (equality and diversity, community involvement, fairness, respect for others) are reflected across activities in all its areas of expertise.

GTF ISG is established in 1999 in Zagreb, Croatia and cooperates with SEE public, private, academic and civil sectors in 13 countries of South East Europe as a regional institution for shaping policies and actions on gender and sustainable development. GTF initiated the first thematic session on women entrepreneurship at the Croatian Parliament and continues to work on the development and empowering of women entrepreneurship in Croatia and abroad. GTF is experienced in working with high school students, their families and the wider community.

AUR is an association of professionals based in Bucharest, with main objectives to create and implement the professional standards within the human resources area, promote social economy and active social inclusion; facilitate de access to labour market for disadvantaged people etc. AUR elaborated the field research in Romania: “Labour Market and Entrepreneurship – Overcoming Gender Stereotypes – Transnational Action Plan Promoted by Gender Equality and Business Women Organisations”; It facilitates the access of NGOs to efficient methods for combating the gender stereotypes etc.